Living Leadership~

My leadership is alive and evolving.


Anyone who was around in the early days of Illuminatiam’s Public Outreach know, I had NO sights on leadership when I got here.  IN fact, I told IAM on more than one occasion, I am no leader. However, I could cheer-lead in an effort to help them find those who were.

When IAM elevated me, no one was more surprised than I. I simply did not see what they saw in me. Because I understood hierarchy from having been in the Marine Corps, I felt compelled to help bring the Members Portal out of chaos and into some kind of order. Something many, many, hearts have had a hand in in the ensuing years.

Being thrust into leadership publicly such I was, there was much to learn. I have made the mistakes & missteps one might expect of a beginner -all while others watched and wickedly reviewed. But I have also owned by own bullshit. and sought forgiveness when I was grievously in error.

I have lived through the most horrific criticism, character assassination, and venomous hate during my leadership learning curve. Many had no mercy as I struggled to grow, and remain as heartless. Thankfully I have risen above all of the self righteous hypocrisy, while privately embracing any nugget of truth that could be found in someone else’s point of view.

While the tendency to be a leader is inherit, actually becoming one is not a given. Every leader I know can regale us with many mortifying experiences they went through, as they grew into their roles. We are a crafted breed. Forged by fires those that merely follow others, can never understand.

Especially so, if we are becoming Illuminati~

*Please feel free to share your leadership experience(s) with me below, so I can learn more. I truly want to become the very best leader I can be. What harsh lessons have you learned that can help me become a better version of my leadership self. I would love to hear from you. If you would prefer your post remain private, and only visible to me. Please say so and I will not release it to the public.

Thank you in advance for your submissions!

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10 thoughts on “Living Leadership~

  1. Hi V, I am Papa Fred’s fan. I think you are not suitable for leading the outreach. Papa Fred is the right person for leading the outreach as he is more experienced than you, his character and integrity are far more remarkable than yours. The fact he was your mentor and you accepted him introducing your book proves my point. You should back off and suggest that all follow and approve of Papa Fred’s leadership. Papa Fred is humble, confident, honest, resilient, has a vision and a purpose, has empathy and offers job, while you don’t possess those qualities. Please don’t censor my point of view, because you don’t like it. People have to know that Papa Fred is the very man for leading the initiates of the Illuminati. Your leadership resulted in anything other than the advancement and abundance of the human species. You should be the cheerleader repeating Papa Fred’s words and instructions. Papa Fred in charge is going to make it all work fine.

    1. Wondering why you are hiding behind another profile Richard? a true leader does not have to hide ?, but stands for what he or her is.
      And a real military experiences are only happens in the real life … not through any books … theoretically you were just a true leader and military in the world of your own dreams not in the real life ….So leave V ~ alone so that she can do her excellent work now and for the future in the true and genuine illuminati.

  2. Liderlik yolunda giderken hiç kimseden korkmadan gönlümüzü ışığa adıyarak korkusuzca ilerlemenizi hayranım gün bizim günümüz olacak yani ışığın var oluşu

  3. Well, for me, it wasn’t easy. A leader always shares their experiences. I was never a follower not even in high school. I don’t kiss ass and I call out what I see doesn’t fit and the hell with the rest.
    I do as I please, I say what I think is right. I fight for others and take the punches that were meant for them. I have integrity. I do not have low self-esteem at all. I have morals, now and values that I didn’t have when I was younger. I am a self-service person even before the military.

    I, remember, back in high school. It was the summer before school started. I had a friend that used to come down every summer and because she was pretty, my friends hated her. Well, since, she was from New York, the school that I attended, went back and she was still visiting. It was a high school basketball was that we both went too and as soon as we got in the crowd, I saw and heard my friends, say,” Maria, we’re over here” and we both walked towards them and one friend, said ” so, Maria, “are you coming with us or staying with her” and I said,” why can’t she come with us?” And, they all said in unison” because we do not like her’ and all hell broke loose because I wasn’t going to abandon her so my friends wanted to fight and it felt as if the entire John A Holmes students were against me and out of no where a family friend pull us from the crowd and you can best believe, I caught hell, Monday, morning, returning back to school,

    I, remember, walking down the hall as if everybody was waiting on me and the walls from the beginning to the end was packed with students and as I was walking, I heard people talking about me, throwing stuff at me the whole while walking to my locker within a 100ft and the hall just got longer and longer. I t hurt, the pain was real but I kept my head up and I suffered in the classrooms for almost two months with the name called “traitor” and picked on like you wouldn’t know but I didn’t give in not one bit.I stood my ground amongst everyone until almost the end of the school year when they came around. But, I look back and say, ” if I experienced that, I can experience almost anything “and I did because that felt like the entire school.SMH
    So, this is my testimony with others and especially, when I go through things and nothing phases me anymore not even a damn lie.

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  4. For me I thank you for sharing us, and in leadership you can face difficulties but it’s good to be trustworthy and free, do not be afraid of any misguiding. Leadership is earned, it’s not just walking around with rumors. Stay strong and be confident in your power. I appreciate your leadership and one day I’ll be sharing my story. So sister V we love your leadership, stay strong, believe in yourself, have good heart for you to be proud of serving us. Thank you.

  5. Hello V. Congratulation for that experience. You reminded me of my leadership when in secondary school. I was a prefect for four years. During my leadership phase it came a time when I gave up because so many student hated me due to my strong stand in making decision.

    What I learned is that as a leader don’t allow those you lead to control in your decision. Courage and patience is a basis for leadership. Not all people will love a leader.

  6. In your pontification there were 23 I’s and one your! Coincidence? Your martyr a and ego complex is growing exponentially! You purport that illuminatiam is real! What exactly have they done besides creating 2 websites that were total failures. Their DODIS enterprise is a failure. Their non presence is totally underwhelming, why should anyone follow you? You are once removed from their total failure!

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